Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hi again, blog world! Unfortunately, I have become sick during these cold holiday months. Since I am off of school for at least today, I have decided to share with you something God has put on my heart to tell you since I have started blogging. So, please allow me to tell you this amazing story that happened near me in the Tampa Bay area.

Carnell or 'Cadillac' Williams a running back from Auburn University was a first round draft pick (fourth overall) in 2005 for the NFL team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (my favorite football team). This guy, at first, had everything go well for him. He signed a contract worth $31,000,000. In his first three games, he broke an all-time record for most yards ran for a rookie (434 yd.). The NFL Hall of Fame took his gloves and shoes for week 3 and retired them. He finished the year with 1,178 yd. and averaged over 100 yd a game. He had three player of the week honors and was also named the Offensive Rookie of the Year. Two years later, in a game against the Carolina Panthers, Williams tore his patella tendon in one of his knee. (Click this to see the play he busted his knee.)

Doctors told Williams he would never, ever play football again. Almost like a vapor, his promising career was done. Over. Gone forever. However, he went through rehab, came to football camp, and just three Sundays ago, in the middle of the NFL season, he came and played his first game after 14 months.

Now, let me bring this home from two different points of view. First, the media's. Now, we have seen a lot of very popular individuals disappear from the spotlight and the favor of the media because of a run-in with the law. Names like the king of pop Michael Jackson, famous singer Britney Spears, and elusive quarterback Michael Vick come to mind. In all these situations, the media was supporting them until there downfall. Then the media mocked, condemned, and criticized these people. As Christians, sometimes we are the first to throw them under the bus, especially if they were known to be mean-spirited, mock Christianity, or have sensual lyrics in their songs. I also have frequently thought of their fall as a punishment from God for their vulgar sins.

It was no different with Carnell Williams. The reporters were his buddies until the injury. After the injury, media repeatedly said that he was not going to come back, if he did he would not be as effective, or that he was ' injury-prone.' Well, as Christians, our attitude shouldn't be like the media's. Whether famous or not, these victims need support! Think about how many people would not have committed suicide if they had public Christian support. Think of all the people of this world that have dug themselves a deeper spiritual hole and ran farther away from Christ once caught doing something illegal.

Now, let us look at Carnell's side of the story. He was bombed with all these doubts. Bombarded with all the talk about him never playing again. In spite of all this, he made a comeback. For the love of the game, he made it. His coach, Jon Gruden, supported him and encouraged him through rehab. Iron does sharpen iron. One thing you should know about Coach Gruden, he is by no means Christian. So, if Coach Gruden, whose lips are always ready to form a foul 4 letter word, can motivate Williams from a possible career-threatening physical injury, can't we motivate our fellow humans and help them escape an eternity-threatening spiritual injury?

My pastor last Sunday made this intriguing statement: When we fall physically, our first reaction is to get up. When we fall spiritually, our impulse is to stay down.So there we go! Our first thought when we fall-short spiritually is to wade in self-pity. Think about how much harder it would be to get up physically when people are constantly stepping on your hand, punching your legs, or kicking your rear end.

When we point fingers at others, we are doing exactly that. Instead of slapping them in the back, why don't we give them our hand and help them up. If they don't accept your hand, that is on them. You gave it your best shot. Whether it is your Britney Spears , your next-door neighbor who's parent just got a divorce, or the girl sitting next to you at school who is no longer virgin, we need to give them our hand and help them up.


OneofHISOwn said...

OMG! I am so impressed! Who knew my nephew was capable of such profound thoughts! You must get all your brains from your beautiful aunt in Virginia! Just joking! I am very proud of you though and that was absolutely beautiful! It was a convicting, spritual look into something most would considered secular! Keep this up and I see a pulpit in your future! Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, OneofHisOwn. I try to put up one really good post at least once every two weeks or so. I usually posts every other day.

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