Friday, December 5, 2008

The Battle of the Bands!

I'm at it again!! I'm still trying to get more visits and comments on my blog. But I could not resist. So I, Anonymous, was thinking yesterday about what songs I should put on my blog after Christmas. Then I had this wonderful idea! I would have my readers vote on which songs to put on my website! You will choose between the candidates I choose and put your opinion in your comment. Today's category I will have you vote on is......... The Comfort In Hard Times Category! Our contestants are.... the reigning champion Tobymac (featuring Dc Talk) in his song, Atmosphere! And our challenger is the very popular, very famous, Casting Crowns! They bring to the table their wet-eyes song, Praise You In This Storm! Below are both songs. Be sure to go down to the bottom of my blog and turn off my Christmas music before you listen to the songs. The pole will be open until January 2, 2009. I will give you another category to vote about Monday. Just for fun, I WILL NOT post any of the results until January so it will be a mystery. Enjoy and vote! (Turn off the music at the bottom of my site before listening to the videos.)


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