Sunday, June 21, 2009

My New Theme

As you probably noticed, I have a new song as my theme for my site. It is called Endless Possibility by Jaret Riddick. It is off the game Sonic Unleashed and it is my attitude for this summer concerning TBQ. Hope you guys like as much as I do.

[Verse 1:] This is my escape I'm running through this world And I'm not looking back 'Cause I know I can go Where no one's ever gone And I'm not looking back But how will I know when I get there? And how will I know when to leave? We've all got to start from somewhere It's right here for me The possibilities are never ending

[Chorus:] I see it, I see it And now it's all within my reach Endless possibility I see it, I see it now It's always been inside of me And now I feel so free Endless possibility
[Verse 2:] And so I carry on My time to shine has come I feel it As fast as I will go Straight to the top I’ll know You’ll see it (You’ll see it) So please wake me up when I get there It feels like I’m lost in a dream I know in my heart that it’s my time And I already see The possibilities are never ending
Drop that smile ‘Cause you’re beaten again No this is where My journey begins You're losing speed, you're losing your flow But inside is a power you'll never know! Then let it out, it's inside you! Better all step back, 'cause I'm coming through! [Chorus x2] (
Endless Possibility) Endless Possibility (Endless Possibility) Endless Possibility


Anonymous said...

I really like this song, great pick. I've already listened to it 3 times!

Elijahj said...

Do you care that I am in fithgrade because you don't have to be a age to worship Jesus and to have a friend Anonymous.

Elijahj said...

You really like this song or do you like (be blessed)better than the other song please answer because you didn't answer the other ones so answer or Ima comin Anonymous.

Elijahj said...

you really don`t like it.

A. said...

Elijah, I think Anonymous likes this song, but I don't know why he doesn't reply. Don't feel bad, he didn't reply to me either, and he's one of my best friends. =)

Elijahj said...

I`m just playin.

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