Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey everyone! I was going to let you guys know how we are doing with my many relatives and all. Then, I decided I would have a guest blogger, cousin Nick to blog from his prospective. (Step up to the mic, Nick) here it is:

Well hello blog world. this is my first time blogging so here it goes. There are 16 people that came to Anonymous' house. The drive that was supposed to take 12 hours ended up taking 15 hours, which was exhausting. When we finally got here all Anonymous' family came outside to greet us. Then we went inside and had conversations with everyone. The 16 that came needed a bath and we all had morning breath, :). But it seemed that no one noticed so that was a good thing. Then that night Anonymous and I played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. I set a new world record in the 100 meter with a time of 9.583 and even beat Anonymous' dad! Then this afternoon I set a new world record on the 4 by 100 meter relay but I forgot my time. Also this afternoon we went to the park and Anonymous, my newly high school graduate track star cousin, her older sister and I raced about a 70 yard dash. Anonymous was right beside my track star cousin and I was a little bit in front of her older sister. Well that's all for now.


Elijahj said...

no emails wow i thought it would be a lot man this is kind of weird plus why are you doing math????????????????????whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

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