Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cousin's Last Entrance

My Cousin Nick has really helped me out. His posts have received about 40 visits, averaging 13 visits per day. Including today, which is my best day ever, 15 visits. May not be a world record, but it's pretty cool for me. Anyway today is his last day, he leaves tomorrow morning. But don't worry, I'm trying to get him set up with his own blog. Let you guys know when and if he'll get one.

Hello and goodbye blogworld. These last 3 days have been pretty fun if I must say so myself. It was great to see the number of visits I had and I'd like to thank everyone who made it happen. So tomorrow my group of 16 will leave Anonymous' group of 9. But that's ok because his family will be coming to stay at my for for a week or so, so it's all good. I just hope our drive back home doesn't last 15 hours like it did before. But I do miss my puppy :). And my grandpa so I wish I could stay here with Anonymous but I wanna go home too so, oh well. But it was great while it lasted so thanks again. And yes I am thinking of getting a blog so maybe you'll see me in the future. Thanks again, and goodbye.


Elijahj said...

Are you happy that he left from your house or from whatever?I want you to answer back to my blog.

Elijahj said...

Why are you not answering my blog.(Elijah)

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