Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tribute To A Good Dog: Shane

Last Monday, a very sad thing happened around Lynchburg, Virginia. Shane, my Grandmother's little dog was run over by a car in their driveway. They took him immediately to the vet emergency room. His injuries, however, proved to be fatal and they had him put to sleep. Now, I let you all know that was Shane was a very old dog. My grandparents adopted him when I was not even a year old (almost fourteen years ago). He was a mutt, mixed between a copper spaniel and and another species of dog which I can't quiet remember. He was such a special dog. So docile, all the grand kids played with him. So obedient, always listened when even the littlest voice called him. As he aged his hair turned from shiny jet black to a dull gray. Eventually he lost his sense of hearing. In fact, one morning while eating his dog food, his teeth fell out! So obviously his death was inevitably and I knew it was coming soon. Just not this soon and not in this way. I remember each time we came to visit, Shane would bark his if to say hello and lick are hands so loving as only a dog can. Shane, dearest of all dogs I hope to see jumping toward me and licking my hand just as you used to when I get to heaven. Godspeed, Shane!


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