Friday, January 23, 2009

I did it!!!

Yeah! I finally did. I have earned the TBQ National Memorization Award. To earn this award, you have to quote of all the chapters we are doing for that year,(this year's book is Mark) with four or less mistakes each chapter. I was not awarded this last year so this is my first time. I'm so excited!


Erik B. said...

Major congrats!!

That is quite an accomplishment. I have memorized large passages of scripture but I have never memorized an entire book. I'm quite impressed. :)

Thanks for coming by my blog. I think if you devote that much time to Bible memorization it is a good indicator you don't spend all your time playing wii. ;)

Erik B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Erik B. I do have to admit, at times in my mind there is the decision; should I play wii, or should I memorize. Sometimes a choose wii, sometimes memorize. Thanks for dropping by.

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