Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Weekend Outcome

Well, I got through my busy weekend without losing my mind. And trust me, it was hard at times. Early in the morning, 6:30 a.m. to be exact, Princess Butterfly and The Extreme went to their JBQ match with my Dad. The plan was that Dad would drop those two off at their match and come back with the van so Mom would be able to go to her conference. Unexpectedly while Dad was on his way back and Mom was getting ready to leave, Mom's friend showed up. Mom's friend had sent her an email saying she would pick her up on the way to the conference. Unfortunately, Mom didn't get that email. So what ended up happening was Mom left with her friend leaving me with the three toddlers and the 9 month old baby. Dad came back in about 20 minutes later and I explained to him the situation. During this time, my father was feeling rather sick so I had to help out a little more than usual. An hour later I put my siblings to bed and was relaxing for the time being. Then a neighborhood friend came along and offered me to play outside with him. But sadly, I had to babysit for that moment and I turned him down saying he could come back in an hour or so(Mother's conference ended around noon). My father continued to feel poorly and soon called Mom and her friend to see if they could pick up Extreme and Princess for him. Soon Princess called us on one of her friend's parent's cell and told us she was sleeping over at a teammates house. She was so excited she forgot to tell us about when her match was over so we could get Extreme. So Dad, not knowing Princess' companion's cell number, called several different people to find out. When someone gave him the number, he immediately called them and asked about Extreme. They told him they would meet him at the church. But, as I said, Dad was feeling poorly, so he finally convinced Mom to pick up Extreme. Finally, about an hour before Mom and Extreme arrived, I was able to go outside and play basketball and football with my friends.


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