Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hey, Everyone!

I'm a fourteen year old follower of Christ Jesus my Lord. I will be blogging often about various things such as sports, Christian views, video games, movies, and my everyday life.
Visit often!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Nice to meet you Anonymous! I'm going to tell my girls (I have a 14 year old, too!)to have a peek at your blog. You can take a peek at theirs too, though they don't post as often since they go to school. However, Bright Eyes (14) did just post something yestrday.

If you're half as encouraging as your mom, you'll have a ton of followers in no time. Good luck!

Fred said...

Rock on big brother... you are our future!
We (the Hollinger family) are from Oregon, with 5 boys, 1 girl...most homeschooled, all Christ followers... dear sons (11 & 15) will probably be your 'silent audience' are an inspiration, keep sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for the encouragement! I'm thankful to have a Mom with a great blog. (Such high expectations, I know, scarry)

Anointed said...

Hey, Anonymous, I'm a 50 year old follower of Christ!!! Congratulations, Son!! Can't wait to hear what God reveals through you, Luv ya, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Thank you anointed. hope to see you soon.

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