Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rebelution

Greetings from the sunshine state! However, at this time of year, it is sunny and dry all day long... but very, very, cold! In fact, just this morning, it was 34 degrees outside. But sadly, as I have already stated, during fall and winter days here we have little precipitation and even less snow. To be totally frank with you, we Floridians usually get no snow at all.

The very cold, very dry weather has encouraged most of us to stay indoors during our free time. So I decided to post about some of my most favorite online sites. My all time favorite, Created by 20 year old twins, Alex and Brett Harris, their site has encourages teenagers to live up to their potential while at the same time living up to God's standards. They even wrote a book entitled ' Do Hard Things.' I enjoyed this blog very much and hope that my blog will be half as successful. It is definitely a site I would recommend. (Just don't spend too much time over there.... Save at least a little time at my blog.)


niknik0519 said...

Hi Anonymous it's me Pony Express. I really like your new blog its been fun to look at your post over the last few days. How are you? good luck with this and everything down your way. talk 2 ya later bye!

Anonymous said...

Thanks cus. I miss you.

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