Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Love Facebook

Im sorry! I just do. I came back from hangin with one of my friends yesterday. It was a blast. Just dont have much to say.


Anonymous said...

How far are you through Corinthians?

-Abby Rogers
BQ fanatic

Anonymous said...

top secret

Anonymous said...

>:( Oh come on. I'll tell you where I am: 9:1. =)

Anonymous said...

Since when did you become such a quizzer of few words? Ephphatha!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous. I thought this was kind of funny: It's a list of synonyms for "Give it/say it" and can be used for the completion of a Statement and Question:
Articulate it
Assert it
Aver it
Blab it
Chat it
Communicate it
Convey it
Declare it
Deliver it
Enunciate it
Give it
Make it known
Make it public
Mouth it
Mumble it
Mumur it
Mutter it
Pronounce it
Put it into words
Rap it
Say it
Shout it
Speak it
Spill it
State it
Tell it
Utter it
Verbalize it
Vocalize it
Voice it
Whisper it
Yak it
Yakkety-yak it
Yammer it.


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