Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to The Old

O.K. I liked the new look with the dark knight.... a lot. But, like one of my readers commented, it takes off my music and some of the other icons I have. Besides that, my parents really, really didn't like it on account of the blood. So I am back with the old look. Tomorrow is by birthday and practice. And just to give you guys a blast from the bast, I am putting up to video you will see below that were my and my best tbq buddies them for last year. Last year we really had two themes. Both were songs by legendary christian artist recognized in both christian and secular circles, rapper from dc talk, tobymac! The first one, Im for You was what we felt about eachother as teammates, though toby was really talking about God caring for us . At the end of matches that we won, we could be found chanting the alst part I'm for you, like you're for me! The same with One World. We loved I'll look out for you, you look out for me. Hope you liked it just as much as we did. (turn off my regular music first before viewing)


Anonymous said...

Happy 100th to my best TBQ friend! You're the first quizzer to reach the centery mark. :)

Elijahj said...

If you made that yesterday how come you did not add to my blog.

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