Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is The Media Showing Obama Unfair Favoritisim Over Bush?

Everyone in the United States of America knows about Barack Obama. The guy's all over the place. Cool grin, laid-back attitude, everyone's best friend and the solver of all problems. Or is he? According to the website, the media has not been very honest at all about the actions of our President. When the President was visiting Europe, the media declared the visit a unquestionable success. But this article shows us that's was not the case. Most of the purposals he presented were crudely and rudely turned down. All the media showed was the very few positives the visit had. In another instance, while the President was visiting Saudi Arabia, President Obama bowed to the king of the nation. The king did not respond with the same action. In Saudi Arabia tradition, when you bow to someone, you are offering yourself as a subject. However, the media totally overlooked that and instead talk about Michelle Obama touching Queen Elizabeth. In the most recent occurrence, the President's plane flew very near the ground around the September 11 massacre. The plane was only trying to get some photo shots of itself when everyone else thought it was another attack. When they learned the real mission of the plane, they were very angry at the Obama assistant who designed, but not Obama himself. Although this was not that serious, the media would have had Bush for lunch if this had been him. In contrast the media, while George Bush was President totally discriminated him. They tried to get everyone to believe that he was a awful president. But was he really that bad? I mean, come on, not every president's term is full of terrorist running planes through buildings, hostile Muslim countries, and a sagging economy. But since Obama, the media has made it seem he is going all over the place fixing all the problems Bush 'created.' Neither Presidents are crispy clean but I think the media needs to be more responsible in giving the story how it really happened. Here is the address for all these articles I got this info from.


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